New Wave of Technology


We are in a New Wave of Technology in the 21st century, its almost 2012!! 2011 isĀ almost over andĀ there is a growing issue that has resurfaced in the 2000’s and now its becoming more of a concern as we are diving into the Technology Era,


What defines hacking? In our lifetime, a new age of technology is quickly approaching us. Can technology really be all good? Could there really be a bad?

We use technology almost every day in our lives for simple things such as: E-mail, Facebook, Google search, and to satisfy our personal Wikipedia curiosities. These opportunities and services offer so much variety and possibility in our personal lives that it could potentially put every generation behind us to rest. No more late-night calls to receive a message from a friend… we would just go to Facebook for that. Facebook is there 24/7 to give ourselves a profile of our own life, to look at other people’s lives and their personal information.

This is where hacking becomes a concern.

What many don’t realize today is that, you could be literally giving someone else (a complete stranger) your personal information: whether it be your birthday, your full name, contact information, and even phone numbers which allow you to connect with the outside world. Hackers rely on this key information to receive bank transactions, credit card numbers, pin numbers, and passwords you frequently use to gain personal desires such as money or quick satisfaction.

Avoiding Hacking:
DO NOT display key personal information to the public in any way, whether it be on an email, facebook profiles, or private messages.
DO NOT leave yourself vulnerable: including leaving facebook open for long periods of time, leaving sticky notes around your computer, at school, or at work that pertain information about you.
Have common sense — Don’t reply to messages that ask you to: Change your password immediately, or to reactivate your account whatsoever. Do not click on any links or download any files without knowing the sender and their credentials. Change your password every so often: for example every 6-12 months. Make passwords unique!!! If you would like to learn more click the links below,

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