IMD4005 Reflection

One concept that stood out the most from what I’ve learned in the IMD4005 Advanced Topics in Multimedia class was how to properly portray a story. Portraying a story is an artform and this class has taught me how to create a great story from a journalism perspective. My fellow colleagues from the journalism course offered concrete advice and critique after editing multiple versions of videos that were going to be embedded onto our website. The videos allowed me to understand the audience and how to portray a story in journalism effectively. I not necessarily focused on aesthetics and design alone when editing, but focusing more on the audience and the form in which it was presented. I learned how to critique my own videos involved with journalism stories. The collaboration and working effectively in a group was honestly nothing new to us. In IMD we have several group projects that we coordinate with our classmates to create a product. This, however, was particularly an interesting collaboration between the multimedia and journalism students. Their views were different and so were ours, we made compromises, we made choices that were reflected on our multimedia piece, and we learned from one another.


When I look back at our group project, I want to step back and look at the big picture. I felt that doing more research about the journalism field and being inside a journalist’s footsteps would have allowed me to grasp concepts and stories better in the moment. Obviously, we all cannot be journalists and think like them in the short amount of time we spent together. If I were to do this again, I would have gained a new perspective on obtaining and absorbing information out in the field. At events, we had a chance to talk with many interesting people and hear their stories. However, one chance that we were not able to make for this project due to time constraints and mixups in City Hall’s schedule was interviewing Jim Watson, mayor of Ottawa. This would have allowed us to gain insight and possess an authoritative angle on the story that would enhance and possibly create a larger impact towards the viewers who took the time to watch the interview video on our website.


Looking on the class itself, I was extremely interested in some speakers, specifically the speakers who were in the same field or related field of multimedia. The photographer who came in to talk with us had some amazing stories about his experiences of working in the field and he had produced fascinating results over the years working with the Ottawa Citizen. The other journalism speakers I felt I couldn’t relate to. I thought that those speakers presented in a way that was pro-journalism and I could not absorb what they were saying because of the lack of experience in the journalism field. I felt that the group project was the most interesting aspect of this course, and I enjoyed working collaboratively with the journalism students. I felt they taught me more about journalism directly than the class had. I feel that the lectures should have been revised and offered more content relating to multimedia. A suggestion I have for the class lectures is to offer us a chance to work more on group assignments with the journalism students in-class (studying of articles, websites, videos). I felt that if I had worked more with them directly and back and forth critique and teaching from them, I would have benefited more from the course.

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