One in 8 million

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Multimedia Piece –




One in 8 Million is an oral history project in which a different individual among New York City’s 8 million residents is profiled each week. The New York Times decided to create a remembrance and spotlight for the residents of New York.

What I love about this article is that the New York Times portrays interesting profiles of residents of New York City and their talents that have never been mentioned in the New York Times. This great piece shows a great angle, and highlights the importance of subjectivity, the people, and that they are the centre of attention.




The multimedia piece was created in a medium as a timeline in chronological order built online and accompanied by a slideshow of images and audio placed in a video. You are first introduced to the multimedia by displaying each person’s story as a timeline of events. The stories are of extraordinary people telling stories of passions and problems, relationships and routines, vocations and obsessions in their lives.

Once you click on a person’s story, it brings up a video told in a snapshot story style of images with audio that is powerful to listen and watch. The audio was crystal clear and strong in telling the story, which I believe is the focus of of the piece. The images help to introduce the setting for the characters and set the scene for each story.

The colours of the images and video that are used are black and white, and I believe are chosen this way to reveal an impression that the content is being displayed in a manner that looks like an autobiography and a memory of a person, as a personality. The black and white colour contrast feels to me that it unifies all of the people into one group and represents them as equals in society, which is an interesting aspect of this piece. The lighting feels balanced within each scene and story, to shine the light on the people. The authors make a choice to blur out the background and frame the camera to emphasize the individual instead of taking the photos with the background and other people. This symbolizes to me the micro and macro environment in which we all live in as a whole.

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