Media Sources and their Impact

First off, where exactly do you obtain news media information on a regular basis? Do you search for news online, television, or the newspaper? Do you believe that each type of media source can have a large impact on your impression, your absorption of the information, and interest? I agree with the statement and I’d like to express my opinions and feeling about how each media affects our impression and impact upon reading.


Take a look at an example, Ottawa Citizen, a local newspaper based in the Ottawa area, which reports on articles and news daily through text and still imagery. They take advantage of their position in the information market by adopting a local feel to the newspaper and by applying it’s branding logo, Ottawa Citizen, which is printed in large capital letters and bold font. The parliament tower is also centered in between the text and this helps give off a unique and powerful look to the image. The ratio of content in the newspaper between text and imagery is even, combining usually both an article with a large photo and paragraphs of text. The colour palette of imagery and text may be limited for the reader because the viewer could be reading the printed newspaper in either black or white; and for other viewers it could have been printed in all ranges of colour. They inevitably have pros and cons when branding to a wide range of audiences in Ottawa. Younger audiences may not be as use to reading from a newspaper, whereas as older audiences are more familiar and feel at home with a newspaper to read. Personally for me, I skim over articles in the Ottawa Citizen until I find specific articles I like and decide to read it on the way to work or school. I don’t necessarily read it daily either.


Another example is CBC News, a local television broadcasting station here in Ottawa which usually reports in the evenings daily. Their position in the information market is significant to getting important issues and news related to local areas in Ottawa directly to you. They interact with the viewer by using imagery, text, video, and interactive elements such as the weather application to make stories clear and information easy to understand. They can be very creative in presenting the content to the viewer in showing graphics, audio recordings, video interviews, and editing helps with the process of displaying the information quickly and making it easy to grasp the content.


A final example is CBC Radio, a local radio broadcasting station in Ottawa which reports early mornings and evenings. Their position in the information market is getting to be less and less known than the other two simply because you are limited to only audio, and restricts any sort of video or imagery. Radio has been around a long time and there are still many people who rely on radio on their way to work for their daily commute, traffic and weather reports. In my opinion, I believe that CBC News is the best way to reach out to all audiences. Not only does this provide content that is visually appealing to all audiences, it delivers their content in a pleasing way as opposed to Ottawa Citizen and CBC Radio.


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