Never Stop Dreaming

Dreams are all around us, and the people who aspire to create and believe in these dreams are those that make it true.

As an official University student at Carleton University, I could write you a 1000 word essay arguing that it’s nothing like high school. You can imagine it as a gateway out of high school, which is what I aspired for, or classify it as just another stepping stone; however it does not become simply “easier”.  There are many perks and advantages of being a University student, which I will consider later on in this post.

After the first semester of University, let’s just say I am absolutely stunned and blessed at the same time. I feel so amazing to finally say that I have completed the first semester of an amazing program at Carleton University, The Faculty of Information Technology: Interactive Multimedia and Design. This program offers two major categories on which it sets the main skill basis for: Design and Programming (Design, which can basically mean anything that involves some sort of artistic creativity and imagination; or Programming, which means to actually implement your ideas to make it feel life-like and realistic in relation to physics and the concept of scripting, high-level programming etc.). I am really looking forward to learning and taking on new experiences at Carleton University in my future years of this program. I have had such a blast the first semester… it definitely had its ups and downs however I do no regret anything that has happened over the semester.

My dream job is to become a professional techy / geeky web blogger, however in the future I would love to combine this job with some other sort of technical aspect dealing with computers and technology in the world around us. One great job I would love to combine this with (which we have been working on and are currently learning in first year): Web Design, or Freelance work with Graphic Design in 2D and 3D objects, film, or animation. I have always been fond of Film, specifically the editing process of Hollywood Film, how they correspond and correlate each shot in film with the process of compiling everything together including the sound effects, music, voices, color correction, animation, and video effects, etc. I am also an avid gamer, I have played video games all my life and would definitely want to incorporate a gaming aspect in my design work and in the tech world of the future. My favorites would have to be Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Smash Bros, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

With University, come responsibilities, however these great responsibilities can offer great rewards and accomplishment. High School is so confined, that you must abide by these set of rules, and offers little or no great freedom or massive opportunity in socializing and learning about the amazing world around us. In University, freedom is of great abundance, with which that you are able to deal with and take on tasks that you never thought could be possible but also have a flexible schedule in which you can work around. For myself, I have learned so much in the first semester that I could barely tell you the half of it. Sometimes it’s hard to explain everything in one go, which is why I am writing this blog post, but really there is so much to sink in and experience with this program. I am truly looking forward to the years to come at Carleton University.


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